Boiler steel

Boiler steel

Also referred to as heat-resistant steel - steel designed for use at elevated temperatures, reaching up to 600 ºC. Incandescence is the ability to transfer mechanical stresses at high temperatures. Metallurgical products made from this steel alloy are resistant to so-called creep. The steel obtains these properties through the addition of appropriate chemical elements such as chromium, nickel, molybdenum or vanadium. Boiler steel is most often used in the power and chemical industries for the construction of pressurized and high-temperature installations and equipment.

Boiler sheets are used, among other things, for the construction of pressure vessels, steam boilers, various types of heaters and furnaces. They are produced in thicknesses from 1 mm to 300 mm and formats from 1000x2000 mm to 4000x16000 mm.

Boiler tubes used for the construction of pipelines for the transfer of hot medium, under high pressure, or the construction of heaters, coils in the installation of heat exchangers. They are available in diameters from Ø 10,2 to Ø 660 mm and wall thicknesses from 1,00 mm to 100 mm. Possible lengths from 4 to 13 meters.

Boiler rods are used in the construction of turbines, in the manufacture of bolts for the assembly of structures exposed to temperature. They are available in diameters from Ø 10 to Ø 250 and lengths of 3-6 meters. Diameters above Ø 250 mm we offer as forged rods, lengths then remain to be agreed, but a maximum of 8.5 m.

We also offer you sections like boiler I-beams, boiler channels, boiler angles, etc. used for the construction of supporting structures in industrial installations, on which pressure vessels or steam boilers are fixed.

Steel grade Assortment
EN Werkstoff Nr. sheets rods tubes sections forgings sheet metal semi-finished products
P235GH 1.0345          
P250GH 1.0460          
P265GH 1.0425
P275NH 1.0487        
P275NL1 1.0488        
P275NL2 1.1104        
P295GH 1.0481      
P355GH 1.0473    
P355N 1.0562        
P355NH 1.0565      
P355NL1 1.0566        
P355NL2 1.1106        
P460NH 1.8935        
P460NL1 1.8915        
P460NL2 1.8918        
16Mo3 1.5415
10CrMo9-10 1.7380  
13CrMo4-5 1.7335  
14MoV6-3 1.7715      
21CrMoV5-7 1.7709        
21CrMoV5-11 1.8070        
30CrMoV9 1.7707        
X12CrMo5 1.7362