Other products and services

Prefabricated sheet metal products

Cut-to-size sheet metal componentsElementy wycinane z blach

Laser sheet metal cutting is possible up to a thickness of 30 mm, with a work table size of 2000x8000 mm.

Water jet cutting allows for sheet metal components up to 200 mm thick, with a maximum size of 2000x8000 mm.

Plasma cutting of sheet metal up to 150 mm thick and a maximum format of 3000x12000 mm.

Plasma/gas/laser cutting is carried out in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9013.

Elementy gięte z blach

Sheet metal bent parts>

Press brakes with a pressure of 1,200 tonnes enable sheet metal up to 30 mm thick and 8,000 m long to be bent. Bending on press brakes is also possible for corrugated sheet metal or wear-resistant sheet metal.

Coiled sheet metal parts

We offer rolled sheet metal parts, as well as cones, square, rectangular and oval sections made by rolling sheet metal by means of a device intended for forming steel sheets and non-ferrous metals. Rolled profiles of circular, square or rectangular cross-section can be made from sheet metal with a thickness of 0.5 to 16 mm, available in diameters / cross-sections from fi 60 to 2500 mm. The resulting seamed tubes are welded using MIG/MAG or TIG welding.

Sheet metal stampings>

Thermal gas cutting of sheet metal offers the greatest possibilities in terms of dimensions, with maximum thicknesses of up to 300 mm and overall dimensions of up to 3,600 mm wide and 16,000 mm long.

Boiler and heat-resistant sheet metal partsWypałki z blach kotłowych

The offered sheet metal blanks from boiler sheets P265GH, 16Mo3, 13CrMo4-5, 10CrMo9-10 can be cut by laser, water jet and plasma or gas cutting. The range of thicknesses and formats depends on the cutting technology (see description above: laser cutting, water jet cutting, plasma cutting, gas cutting).

Thanks to the availability of the above-mentioned technology, we can also offer burnouts made of heat-resistant sheet metal H25T, H13JS, H18JS, H24JS, 1.4828, 1.4841, 1.4845.

Plasma/gas/laser fired parts in accordance with EN ISO 9013-4.4.2.

Mechanically cut sheet metal parts

Sheet metal guillotine cutting is possible up to a thickness of 13 mm with Rm=450N/mm2 or up to 8 mm with Rm=700N/mm2. The sheet metal guillotine has a maximum workpiece length range of up to 3100 mm. Steel plate formats or forged steel blocks cut into formats with a maximum cross-section of 1100x1100 mm can be cut with the band saw.

Stainless and acid-resistant polished sheets metal

Stainless or acid-resistant ground metal sheets are available in thicknesses from 0.4 to 25 mm, sheet metal 1000x2000, 1250x2500, 1500x3000, 1500x6000. Sheet metals are ground with grain 80, 120, 180, 240, 320 or 400, Duplo sanding on both sides is also possible. Ground sheets metal are protected with PE foil.

Brushed stainless and acid-resistant sheets

Brushed stainless or acid-resistant sheets are available in thicknesses from 0.4 to 25 mm, sheet metal 1000x2000, 1250x2500, 1500x3000, 1500x6000. The surface of sheet metal after brushing is protected by PE foil.

Trapezoidal sheets

Trapezoidal sheets are formed by pressing metal sheets into a coil. They are made of galvanised sheet metal or coated sheets in a wide range of RAL colours, as well as wood-like colours. Available embossing patterns:


T8 trapezoidal sheet metal

  • embossing height: 8 mm
  • coverage width: 1177 mm
  • total width: 1195 mm
  • sheet metal thickness: 0.5 mm


Trapezoidal sheet metal T14

  • embossing height: 14 mm
  • coverage width: 1120 mm
  • total width: 1157 mm
  • sheet metal thickness: 0.5 and 0.7 mm


Trapezoidal sheet metal T18

  • embossing height: 18 mm
  • coverage width: 1070 mm
  • total width: 1110 mm
  • sheet metal thickness: 0.5 and 0.7 mm


Trapezoidal sheet metal T35

  • embossing height: 35 mm
  • coverage width: 1060 mm
  • overall width: 1089 mm
  • sheet metal thickness: 0.5; 0.7; 1.00 mm


Trapezoidal sheet metal T55

  • embossing height: 53 mm
  • coverage width: 1020 mm
  • total width: 1054 mm
  • sheet metal thickness: 0.5; 0.7; 1.00; 1.25 mm

Perforated sheets metalBlachy perforowane

We offer perforated metal sheets, which are heat resistant, acid resistant, stainless, galvanised and made of plain black steel. On request, we also offer boiler perforated sheets, perforated sheets made of COR-TEN steel and perforated sheets made of aluminium or other non-ferrous metals such as copper perforated sheets or brass perforated sheets.

The standard range of thicknesses of perforated metal is 0.5 to 12 mm, whereas thicker sheets are only available on special order, but the mesh must be larger or equal to the thickness of the sheet metal, not smaller. Available formats are 1000x2000, 1250x2500, 1500x3000, other formats or coils are also produced on individual order.

Perforation of sheet metal is available in patterns:

Rv - round holes, 60º passing arrangement

Rg - round holes, straight pattern 90º

Rd - round holes, 45º diagonal pattern

Qg - square holes, straight alignment 90º

Qv - square holes, passing arrangement 60º

Qd - square holes, bias pattern 45º

Lv - oblong holes, passing pattern

Lg - oblong holes ( so-called bean ) , straight parallel arrangement

Hv - hexagonal holes, 60º passing arrangement

Deco - decorative holes

3D laser cut semi-finished products from tubes and steel profilesPółfabrykaty


We offer semi-finished products made of tubes, profiles as well as open sections cut with a 3D LASER machine. State-of-the-art technology makes it possible to cut out complex shapes as well as cutting at set angles.

3D laser working range:

  • maximum diameter of tubes to be processed: 406 mm
  • maximum dimension of square profiles: 300x300 mm
  • maximum dimension of square profile: 350x200 mm
  • maximum wall thickness: 20 mm
  • maximum tube/profile length: 12,500 mm
  • maximum load: 140 kg/m


Semi-finished products The cut parts comply with EN ISO 9001, EN 9010-2 and EN ISO 9013.

Zinc plating


As an additional option for all sheet metal, tube or profile parts on offer, they can be protected against corrosion through hot-dip galvanisation. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we have established cooperation with a galvanising plant where, at the customer's request, we order galvanising of the semi-finished products sold by us. The proposed hot dip galvanising effectively protects steel components against corrosion. The first stage is degreasing, the purpose of which is to remove any greasy impurities, followed by etching, i.e. the removal of rust and scale. The next stage is the so-called fluxing, i.e. immersion in flux, which ensures the proper course of the reaction during subsequent immersion of the component in molten zinc. Before the workpiece is dipped into the zinc bath, it must undergo a drying process to allow the liquids from the previous stages to evaporate. The final stage is the immersion of the steel component in the bath (bath dimensions 7000x1400x3000 mm) filled with liquid zinc, which has a temperature of 445-455 ºC, and as a result of the reaction of the iron in the steel with the zinc, an iron-zinc alloy is formed, which produces a protective coating on the component both on the outside and the inside of the immersed workpiece.

Forged products

Wyroby kute

Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with three leading forges in Poland and our ability to source input materials quickly, we are able to offer you a wide range of freely forged forgings based on the drawings and specifications we receive. We supply freely forged forgings either untreated or pre-machined with 0/+1 mm accuracy, i.e. skinned forgings.

Range of shapes and dimensions offered:

  • Round forged bar Ø 60 - 850 mm / L max 8500 mm / weight 50-24000 kg
  • Square forged bar 60x60 - 620x620 mm / L max 6000 mm / weight 80-13000 kg
  • Forged rectangular bar gr. 70-500 x width 100-1300 mm / L max 6000 mm / weight 80-16500 kg
  • Forged blocks and slabs 30-450 mm thick x 200-1000 mm wide / L= 400-1500 / weight 50-10000 kg
  • Offset forged shafts / flanged shafts Ø 60-1200 / L max 8500 mm / weight 80-24000 kg
  • Forged rings Ø ext. 200-2500 / Ø ext. 200-2000 mm / H=100-800 mm / weight 100-2300 kg
  • Forged sleeves O.D. max. 1300 / O.D. ext. 200-1000 mm / L max. 3500 mm / weight 100-15000 kg
  • Forged circles (solid and punched) Ø external 150-2000 / Ø internal 80-350 mm / H=40-800 mm / weight 50-10000 kg


Forgings outside the above-mentioned range can be offered upon request verification.

Drawn products, flaked, ground, chrome-plated

Wyroby ciągnioneDrawn steel is usually a semi-finished product for further processing. Round bars and hexagonal bars are most often used for fasteners such as pins, bolts and anchors. Drawn flat bars are most often used to manufacture dies, guides, etc. The manufacturing accuracy of the offered drawn bars is specified in tolerance h9, h10, h11.

Available cross-section shapes and size range:

  • Round drawn bars: Ø 2.5 - 100 mm / L= 3-6 m
  • Square drawn bars: 4x4 - 150x150 mm / L= 3-6 m
  • Hexagonal drawn bars: 6-angle 4 - 100 mm / L= 3-6 m
  • Drawn flat bars: 4x2 - 400x50 mm / L= 3-6 m
  • Wedge bars: 5x5, 8x7, 10x8, 12x8, 18x7, 18x11, 20x12, 25x14, 32x18, 36x20 mm / L= 3 m
  • Drawn wire: round Ø 4 - 12 mm, square 4x4 - 10x10 mm, hexagonal 6 - 10 mm / coils 100 - 250 kg
  • Isosceles drawn angles: 6x6x1.5 - 150x150x12 mm / L= 3-4 m
  • Non-arm drawn angles: 50x30x4 - 150x75x12 mm / L= 3-4 m
  • round hollow rods: Ø 10 - 200 mm / L= 3-6 m, surface tolerance h9, h10, h11
  • Hollow rods in coils: Ø 6 - 26 mm / L= 3-6 m, also produced in surface tolerance h9, h10, h11
  • Ground bars: Ø 6 - 130 mm / L= 3-6 m, grinding of drawn or peeled bars increases dimensional accuracy, also available in tolerance h6, h7, h8
Piston rod steel - chrome-plated rods and tubes for pistons and tubes for cylinders

Stal tłoczyskowa

Chrome-plated rods for piston rods are available in grades CK45 , 20MnV6 , Cromax 280X , 42CrMo4. Additionally, bars in grades CK45 and 42CrMo4+QT can be induction hardened to a hardness of min. 54 HRC. Chrome-plated stainless steel rods in grades AISI 316 / 1.4404 , AISI 304 / 1.4301 and AISI 431 / 1.4057 are also available. Available dimensions range from Ø 8 - 200 mm and lengths from 2.8 to 7.0 m.

Chrome-plated piston rod tubes are S355J2 / St 52.3 and 20MnV6 hard chromium-plated steel tubes for piston rods, available in diameters Ø 20 - Ø 150 mm and from 1/2" to 5" lengths of 5.5 to 6.6 m.


Steel products

Fasteners in stainless steel A2 and acid resistant steel A4, in black steel, also galvanised, and in steel with improved mechanical properties. Available strength classes 5.6 ; 5.8 ; 8.8 ; 10.9 ; 12.9. Products manufactured exclusively to DIN , PN-EN and ISO standards.

Platform gratings and steps

We supply gratings and steps in Silesia. In our everyday work we focus both on high quality products with excellent durability parameters and on the comprehensiveness of the offered services. At STALEXPERT we have modern transport and logistics facilities. We respect our customers' time, therefore we make every effort to collect and prepare all elements for dispatch in a short time after placing an order. As a result, we complete every order in a timely manner. Find out more about our products today!

Platform gratings and steps - our offer

The gratings and steps available from us are normally manufactured from the so-called black steel, i.e. S235JR or S355J2. We also offer gratings made of stainless steel INOX 304/1.4301/X5CrNi18-10 or 316/1.4404/X2CrNiMo17-12-2. Those made of ordinary steel are protected against corrosion through hot-dip galvanising according to PN EN ISO 1461.

Kraty pomostowe

We offer two types of gratings:

  • Welded gratings are made on the basis of the National Technical Assessment ITB-KOT-2019/1149 edition 1;
  • Pressed gratings are made based on the technical approval ITB AT-15-9749/2016.


Grating brackets are also available:

  • - standard handle,
  • - clip holder,
  • - hook handle.

Our offer also includes stair treads made on the basis of technical approval ITB AT-15-5259/2014 or ITB AT-15-9749/2016.

Typical step dimensions:

  • widths: 600/800/900/1000/1200 mm
  • depths: 205/240/270/295/305 mm

Designations of ordering options for gratings and steps:

KNZ / KNO - unframed grating (K- grating; N- unframed; Z-grooved/O-rounded);

KOZ / KOO / KOK - framed grating (K-grating; O-framed; Z-grooved/O-round/ K-square);

SOZ - stair tread;

AKP - boarding (standard 50×3 projecting 50 mm above the surface of the grating/stair tread);

MAG - border stopping below the bottom edge of the grating;

ASP - anti-slip strip, in the front of the stair tread / grating / tread;

ASP-out - moulding in the front of the stair tread / trellis / rest. (Like ASP, but without the perforated top section);

WBB - additional bar welded from the bottom with cross wires between the supporting flat bars;

SM - perforated strip welded from the bottom to the transverse bars between the supporting flat bars;

SERR - top edge of supporting flat bars SERRATED GRATE, with cut-outs to increase the grating's slip resistance;

X-X - symmetrical grating in the direction of dimension B, if the width of the grating is different than that resulting from the cutting of the meshes, the outer meshes have the same dimension other than 34.3 mm;

Y-Y - grating symmetrical in the direction of dimension L, the ends of the supporting flat bars (or border) are at the same distance from the nearest transverse bar;

h - height of supporting flat bar;

g - thickness of supporting flat bar;

L - length of grating / stair tread, dimension of supporting flat bar;

B - width of grating / stair tread, dimension of transverse bar;

straight cut-outs - cut-outs with straight lines in the grille forming its shape other than a rectangle;

curved cut-outs - cut-outs in the grille and lines other than straight;

STD / FIN / ESP - type of side framing of stair treads and landings.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Pipeline elements for industrial installations

The offered fittings are manufactured in compliance with the European Community Directive - PED 97/23/EC. Additional certificates such as AD W2000, 3.2., NACE MR 0175 and ultrasonic or impact tests possible.

  • Bends acc: EN 10253-2 Type A, EN 10253-2 Type B, DIN 2605-1, DIN 2605-2, ANSI B16.9
  • Bends acc: KER 80/2.05
  • T-pieces acc: EN 10253-2 Type A, EN 10253-2 Type B, DIN 2615-1, DIN 2615-2, ANSI B16.9, KER
  • Pipe junction acc: PN-EN 10253-2 Type A, PN-EN 10253-2 Type B, PN-64/M-35411, PN-75/M-35412, DIN 28013, DIN 28011, DIN 2617, ANSI B16.9
  • Flat flanges acc: PN-87/H-74731, PN-EN 1092-1, PN-ISO 7005, DIN 2576
  • Blinding flanges acc: PN-87/H-74728, PN-EN 1092-1, PN-ISO 7005, DIN 2527
  • Neck flanges acc: PN-87/H-74710, PN-EN 1092-1, PN-ISO 7005, DIN 2631 - DIN 2637, ANSI B16.5
  • Loose flanges acc: PN-87/H-74737, PN-EN 1092-1, DIN 2642
  • Threaded flanges acc: PN-87/H-74734, DIN 2566
  • Symmetrical reductions acc: PN-EN 10253-2 Type A, PN-EN 10253-2 Type B, DIN 2616-2, ANSI B16.9, KER
  • Unsymmetrical reductions acc: PN-EN 10253-2 Type A, PN-EN 10253-2 Type B, DIN 2616-1, ANSI B16.9, KER
  • Couplers acc: EN 10241
  • Spigots acc: EN
  • Flat flange with drill-bit, workshop-finished version
  • Other components for plant construction acc. to KER such as feet, suspensions
Products made of non-ferrous metals and cast iron


Copper sheet metal of grade M1E of hardness R ( soft ) or Z4 ( hard )

Thicknesses: 0.5 to 10 mm

Format: 1000x2000 mm


Copper strip in grade M1E

Thicknesses: 0.1 to 0.55 mm

Coil widths: 300 or 670 mm


Copper rods in round and rectangular sections:

Grades: M1E

MHY / CuCrZr

Round: from fi 4 to fi 120 mm

Rectangular / flat bars: from 10x3 to 200x50 mm


Copper tubes in M1E grade

Diameters: from 3 to fi 25 mm

Wall thicknesses: from 0.5 to 1 mm


Smooth brass sheets

Grade: M63 / CuZn37 in two hardnesses R - soft (for forming and bending) and Z4 - semi-hard (for machining).

Thicknesses: 1 to 10 mm

Format: 1000x2000 mm

Grade Mo59 / CuZn39Pb2 hardness grade Z6- hard ( for machining ).

Thicknesses: 1 to 8 mm

Format: 600x2000 mm


Brass strips in grade M63 / CuZn37 with hardness designation R - soft , Z4 - semi-hard and Z8 - very hard

Thicknesses: 0.1 to 0.3 mm

Coil width: 300 mm


Drawn or extruded brass bars in round, square and rectangular cross-sections

Grade: Mo58 / CuZn39Pb3

Round: from fi 2 to fi 70 mm

Square: from 4x4 to 100x100 mm

Rectangular / flat bars: from 10x3 to 100x30 mm.

Brass round tubes

Diameters: from fi 4 to fi 45 mm

Wall thicknesses: from 0.5 to 3 mm

Grades: Mo58 / CuZn39Pb3

                M63 / CuZn37


CuSn6 bronze sheets of hardness Z6 ( hard )

Thicknesses: 1 to 4 mm

Formats: 300x1000 and 300x2000


CuSn6 bronze sheets with hardness Z6 ( hard )

Thicknesses: from 0.3 to 0.8 mm

Widths: from 300 to 370 mm


Bronze round bars from fi 15 to fi 150 mm

Grades: B101




Bronze tubes / bushings

Grades: B101



Diameters: from fi 30 to fi 165

Wall thicknesses: from 7 to 35 mm

And others


New silver / alpaca sheet metal

Grade: CuNi12Zn24

Thicknesses from 0.2 to 1.5 mm

Format 300x1000 or 350x1000 mm


Cupal sheet metal / kupal sheet metal (copper-aluminium)

Grade: CuAl

Thickness: 0.5 to 2 mm

Format 300x1000 mm


Smooth and corrugated aluminium sheets

Thicknesses: 0.5-10 mm

Formats: 1000x2000; 1250x2500; 1500x3000 mm

Grades: A1 - aluminium alloy AW1050

                PA6 - Aluminium alloy AW2017

                PA11 - Aluminium alloy AW5754


Rolled aluminium plates

Thicknesses: 6 to 150 mm

Formats: 1000x2000 ; 1250x2500 ; 1500x3000 mm

Grades: PA11 / 5754

                PA13 / 5083

                PA4 / 6082

                PA6 / 2017

                PA9 / 7075



Aluminium blocks or cast aluminium plates

Grade: PA13 / 5083

Thicknesses: from 20 to 600 mm

Formats: width max 1900 x length max 4000 mm

Grade 7021

Thicknesses: from 20 to 200 mm

Formats: width max 1500 x length max 4000 mm


Precision aluminium sheets are cast aluminium sheets milled on a flat surface, resulting in an excellent flatness tolerance of 0.15 mm - 0.4 mm and a thickness tolerance of +/- 0.1 mm

Grade: PA13 / 5083

Thicknesses: 8 to 100 mm (+/-0.1)

Formats: width max 1900 x length max 4000 mm

Grade 7021

Thicknesses: 15 to 50 mm (+/-0.1)

Formats: width max 1500 x length max 4000 mm


Aluminium formats from the above aluminium sheets cut to the required dimension with a circular saw. The minimum cutting dimension is 15 mm. Cutting tolerance for thicknesses 6-150 mm is +/- 0.5 mm for thicknesses over 150 mm is 0/+5 mm


Aluminium bars in round, square and rectangular sections:

Round from fi 6 to fi 250 mm

Square from 10x10 to 150x150 mm

Rectangular/bars from 12x10 to 200x40

Grades: PA6 - aluminium alloy 2017

                PA38 - AW-6060


Round aluminium tubes:

Diameters: from fi 20 to fi 80 mm

Wall thicknesses: from 2 to 5 mm

Grades: PA38 - AW-6060


Square and rectangular aluminium profiles

Dimensions: from 20x20 to 80x80 mm

Wall thickness: 2 mm

Grades: PA38 - AW-6060


Cast iron

Cast iron bars with round, square and rectangular cross-sections

Cast iron shafts from fi 20 to fi 400 mm in diameter

Square cast iron bars from 30x30 to 300x300 mm

Cast iron flat bars thickness from 30 to 300 mm X width to be agreed


The standard length of bars is 3000 mm, but it is possible to order cut sections to the required size.

Model castings can be ordered.


Grey cast iron castings - grades:

  • EN-GJL-200
  • EN-GJL-250
  • EN-GJL-300


Ductile iron castings - grades:

  • EN-GJS-400
  • EN-GJS-500
  • EN-GJS-600
  • EN-GJS-700

Reinforcing steel

Cast iron

Ribbed bars in 12 m or 6 m sections, diameters from fi 6 to 40 mm

Ribbed bars in coils, diameters from fi 4 to fi 20 mm

Grades B500SP/B500C , BSt500S/B500B , Bst500M/BSt500KR/B500A

Smooth hot-rolled bars for reinforcement in 6 m or 12 m sections

Grade: S235JR according to EN 10025

Diameter: fi 6 to fi 20 mm

Welded reinforcing mesh of ribbed wire B500A acc. to DIN488

Wire diameter: from fi 4 to fi 8 mm

Width: from 2000 to 2400 mm X Length: from 3000 to 6000 mm

Eye dimension: from 100x100 to 200x200 mm

Steel wire coils hardened after drawing or soft after heat treatment

Coils with a weight from 5 to 500 kg

Grade: S235JR acc. to PN-EN 10025

Diameter: from fi 0.3 to fi 8 mm

At the customer's request, the wire can be straightened and cut into the required lengths and then packed in bundles weighing from 50 to 250 kg

Tie wire soft steel wire coiled in coils , skeins or wound on spools.

Wire diameter: 1.00 / 1.20 / 1.40 / 1.60 mm

Coils 5 kg / 10 kg / 40 kg



At the customer's request, we can organise transport by truck with a loading capacity of:

  • 1.2 tonnes / up to 6 m
  • 1.6 tonnes / up to 12 m
  • 10 tonnes / up to 8 m
  • 24 tonnes / up to 15 m

and we organise courier deliveries for smaller orders.



At the customer's request, we can organise transport by truck with a loading capacity of:

  • 1.2 tonnes / up to 6 m
  • 1.6 tonnes / up to 12 m
  • 10 tonnes / up to 8 m
  • 24 tonnes / up to 15 m

and we organise courier deliveries for smaller orders.